A saying says behind a successful man is a supportive lover. If you’re thinking of a creative way to support your boyfriend aside from spoiling him with money, love and care, it’s prayers.

Today, Zikoko is your guardian angel and we’ve prepared these direct-to-God prayer points to say for boyfriend to have money. Say some prayers today.

Small work, the whole CBN

CBN is the Central Bank of Nigeria. This prayer point asks for a stupendously paying job with little work and stress.

The big tree of your success will not die

Your man is successful because you, his big tree, stay behind him. It’s indirectly a prayer for yourself, except you’re someone else is his big tree.

Divine Financial Planner, secure my man’s savings

If you know the only thing preventing your boyfriend from becoming rich and setting up your baecation is reckless spending, say this prayer for him o.

Every tax season will be your celebration 

There’ll be so much money the tax corporation will throw a party in your honour every time they audit you.

Dear Currency Composer, compose my man’s bank account in high-key notes

Trust me, sweet, if your money notes are soprano enough, you’ll make Maria Callas and Beyoncé look like amateurs.

The heavenly hedge fund manager will diversify your investments

If this prayer gets answered, trust me, Tony Elumelu and Jay-Z will seek you for advice.

Your fellow men will see you and lose home training

Too much money makes fellow men hail you every minute and take every letter you speak as gospel. It speaks of importance. Say amen to the prayer.

Rich women shall always locate you

If you and your man are broke, at least pray that rich women find him and spend on his head. Just make sure you collect your cuts.

Dollar shall fall on you

Although Davido said this in his song Fall in 2018, now is the best time to pray for this fervently. Dollar is very high, and the law of gravity must prevail. Your prayer will direct dollars to your man’s head. 

May your income flow like my dress on our wedding day

Yes, this killing two birds with one stone — a good money prayer and a signal that your relationship will lead to marriage. Any serious man that wants plenty money will do the needful asap.

Sapa man shall avoid me

Though it may roll out of the mouth like a shot, don’t take it to heart; it’ll make your boyfriend grind harder and make money to care for both of you. He knows better than to disappoint you.

Your account balance will scream “Nollywood plot”

Unexpected and fabulous is what this prayer means. No one sees the money coming, but people will admire or envy the wealth when it arrives. The type of money that will make you play Kizz Daniel’s Buga at thanksgiving.



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