Many people seem to have different ideas of what it means to be a man. Here’s our own addition to that list:

1) If you can’t fight off armed robbers.

Without any weapon.

2) If you can’t kill a snake.

Using only your hands.

3) If you can’t cheat quietly.

Why must you always confess to your partner? or get caught? Women that cheat quietly, do they have two heads?

4) If you can’t repair the gen when it spoils.

Get off it my dear.

5) If you can’t hold your tears.

Big boys don’t cry.

6) If you can’t lift a bag of cement.

You don’t want to work for your 2k at the site abi?

7) If you also can’t carry a bag of rice.

Read the above.

8) You’re definitely not a man if you can’t read your babe’s mind.

This is a life saving skill any real Nigerian man possesses.

9) If you want gifts outside of singlets and boxers, you’re disqualified you from being a man.

Real men take their gifts with a big smile.

10) Did I hear skin care? Not a man.

See your mouth like Vitamin C serum.

11) If you don’t have a secret family, then you’re not a man.

This is the final test before you graduate.

Hello Zikoko fam, something is coming soon. A series for men by men about men.

Watch this space:



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