Men and football are like five and six. As the season draws to a close and the major football leagues go on break, we look forward to the rest of the games on the calendar.

On the 10th of June, the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League Final goes down in Istanbul. In anticipation of the faceoff between Manchester City and Inter Milan, here are the best ways to enjoy the showdown.

Take a loan to watch the game live in Istanbul

Are you a true fan of the game if you’ve not watched a major team play live? We know Nigeria’s economy isn’t smiling right now, but you might have a reason when you book a ticket to Istanbul. Approach your LAPO Microfinance Bank or Palmpay for loans to fund your passion for football today. You’ll also get to watch Burna Boy perform live at the UEFA final opening ceremony, and a chance to sight-see the city.

Enter your local viewing centre

Why stay in the comfort of your home and miss the football shenanigans, premium banter and insults that’ll fly in a viewing centre? Yes, everywhere will be full and tight. Heat will choke. Someone’s head won’t let you see half of the TV screen, but that’s part of what makes it fun.

Get to the viewing centre before everyone else

Make sure you sit directly in front of the TV. If it doesn’t feel like you can almost touch the players, why are you in the viewing centre?

Sit close to rival team fans

If not, who’ll you troll and ask why his team is playing so woefully?

Stay happy and be merry

Find others with common agenda at your local viewing centre and turn the UEFA final into a ceremony. Eat some food and drink the tears of your rivals to step down.

If you’re watching at home, get a cheerleader

You might not enjoy the game, but the loss might be bearable if the LOYL will rub your head and tell you sorry. Single-pringles, stay in the viewing centre with your guys. Sorry to you.

Better pray

This is football and anything can’t happen. If you’ve made mouth or bets or you’ve expectations, better pray to God the team wins, else they might shame you. An easier way is to command the rival team to lose.


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