Everyone has a role to play and so do side boyfriends. To be a successful one means you’ve learnt the ropes and finessed it to your own style.

The above is simply a proverb for not getting in a relationship if you can get all the benefits while staying single. Be a side piece and enjoy these benefits today.

No more guilt

The relationship isn’t your business because there really is no relationship. Their feelings aren’t in your hands, so there’s nothing like cheating when you sleep with others. You’re just a harmless helper.

No heavy lifting

Baecations and the burden of love languages belong to her main man. You’ll do the barest minimum on anything outside sex and being a shoulder to cry sometimes. 

Improve your skills

Bro, you got that role because of what you bring to the bedroom, and consistency will make you better at your job. They’ll hail you everywhere you go, king of sexual intercourse.

Free from “breakfast”

When they eventually get served breakfast, they come to you to ease the pain because a side penis is a comforter.

Nobody to checkmate you

Your partner can’t be angry if they catch you with another person. Will they even have time to monitor you when they’re busy trying not to get caught themselves?

You’ll learn contentment

Contentment is one of life’s most important values because we need less greed in this country. Playing your role as a side boyfriend, joyfully eating the crumbs you get and not trying to take the main place is an underrated level of contentment. 

We lied, you’re still being played

You thought you could have any kind of relationship and get away with it? BFFR. Your main babe may also have a side piece, or you may turn out to be her side piece too.



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