Every list about how to get a six-pack focuses on what to do and nothing about what we shouldn’t do. Like, should I drink hot water and lemon after a workout? Or do I anoint my stomach with Goya il to dissolve my belly fat? This article gives you the whole gist of the unhinged things you do that do nothing for your imaginary six-pack.  

Rubbing anointing oil on your stomach 

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Please stop wasting anointing oil on the impossible. You have better chances pouring that oil from Shiloh on INEC BVAs, because all you’d do is make your stomach glow, not reduce it. 

Drinking green or flat tummy tea five times a day 

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One of the biggest fitness scams of all time is the rise of flat tummy teas. Honestly, I blame the Kardashians. While green tea has been proven to help with digestion, there’s no proof in heaven or on earth that downing green or flat tummy teas will burn fat and give you a six-pack that’ll make The Rock jealous. Know this and know peace. 

Saying words of affirmation in front of the mirror in the morning 

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Words of affirmations are great for building self-confidence, not a six-pack. If you like, stand in front of a mirror from now till tomorrow, those words will bounce on your stomach and say, “Back to sender, dear.” 

Wearing waist trainers from morning to night 

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Yes, we know your favourite Big Brother alumni have told you that wearing a waist trainer is a magical belly shrinker. 

Source: Instagram/WhiteMoney

But please, and please, remember that these people are just trying to secure the bag, so they’d tell you puff puff is a fat burner if the check is big enough. Do you actually believe this waist trainer thing is working for Whitemoney? 

Kneading your stomach with a rolling pin 

Source: Zikoko Memes

Unless you intend to pour baking powder on your stomach and fry it like chinchin, this ridiculous idea is a complete waste of your time. Who even thought of this and tried it for the first time? Wild and very, very wrong.

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Fornicating with your personal trainer 

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We all know fornication is sweet cardio. But, sis, no amount of fornication will give you a six-pack. Fornicate with your chest and enjoy it. There’s no need to come and cap about how you’re doing it to lose weight. 

Tattooing 6 packs on your stomach 

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Might as well just tattoo dollars on your body and wait for it to magically appear since you’re now Harry Potter or something like that. 

Drinking hot water and lemon to melt your stomach fat 

Source: Zikoko Memes

I’ve been doing this one since secondary school, and still, nothing. I’m not saying warm lemon water is a bad thing. But please, be guided and know it’s also not some magical potion from the babalawo down the street. 

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