1) Bibles…For Boys

I guess this version just takes out all the badass women who did badass shit. Sorry, Esther and Deborah.

2) Earplugs…For Men

The earplugs are in the shape of bullets. I can’t even deal.

3) Doughnuts…For Men

Maybe it doubles as practice material for cunnilingus. I don’t know. I’m just as confused as you are.

4) Bread…For Men

To prepare men for all the suffering they go through in life, every slice of bread will be like the top and bottom slices.

5) Sunscreen…For Men

Everyone knows that the sun hits men harder than women.

6) Tea…For Men

Is that pepper?!!! SDKJHFSKHDJKSH!!!!

7) Kiddie Urinals

What the fuck…?

8) Sanitizer…For Man

The manitizer kills 100% of germs.

9) Water…For Men

Imagine being a woman dying of thirst in traffic because all the vendors only have Men’s Water.

10) Wet Wipes…For Men

Legend has that if a man uses regular wipes, his penis will wither and fall off.



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