If a Nigerian man has shown you pepper, I greet you. Welcome to this quick class on how to prevent once bitten, twice shy.

Have a seat and let’s go through this.

1) Anytime he’s going out, tell him to handover his penis.

Prevention is better than cure.

2) Consult babalawo for juju.

Flip the script. I suggest the juju is a siren such that when he shows another woman his instrument of monogamy, the siren starts to shout; just like Nepa siren.

3) Come to him as “a man.”

Tell him it’s a safe space and can tell you whenever he’s attracted so someone else.

4) Send him “thank you for not cheating money” every week.

The best incentive ever!

5) When he’s attracted to another woman, do plastic surgery to look like her.

Goodluck and Godspeed!

6) Send a cease and desist letter to his exes.

You know how exes are na. They can seduce him and he doesn’t know how to say “No.” The poor summer child needs your protection.

7) If all fails, threaten him.

Promise to cheat back with his brother or best friend. That should keep him in check.

Let us know other effective tips that we may have missed.



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