Don’t let your 9-5 or business make you miss out on the softest parenting experience. If you’re considering being a stay-at-home dad, and you need convincing, this is the right place.

PS: Points work best when your wife is a millionaire.

Overcome patriarchy

When you become a stay-at-home dad, you can stop crying about being the breadwinner. Slowly, you’ll break-free from the shackles of societal expectations of men.

Let your woman breathe

Take the role, and let her finally have time to focus on her dream job or having several girls night outs.

No more paying bills

No more school fees, housing or feeding bills resting on your shoulders. Let your breadwinner wife worry about those things.

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Free from capitalism

If you’re so damn good at your stay-at-home dad role, you might never worry about working for capitalism again. You get to work for your family instead, and what’s more fulfilling than that?

You won’t miss milestone moments

Work trip on kids’ birthdays? No more. Meetings during family events? Bye-bye.

You’ll be present now and can finally stop complaining about how you miss important events because you’re grinding for what they’ll eat.

Learn basic life skills

You never know when actually knowing how to cook can make you a world record holder. You also have all the time in the world to learn how to clean up after yourself and other people, nurture a child and sing/produce nursery rhymes.

Become a full-time video-gamer

You get to play your video games during school time. And you could even make some money and recognition on the side. Win-win.

Fill a special content creation gap

Use your rich wife’s money to buy a mic, camera, ring-light and everything else vloggers use these days to create TikTok and YouTube shows. Then wake other men up to this new life with your stay-at-home chronicles.



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