Nigerian men troll Nigerian women for fawning over K-Drama men too much. But who complains when women from S.A, Kenya and other countries drool over Nigerian men?

I’m here to tell you K-Drama isn’t the trash you think it is, you just need to see the light, which is exactly what we’ve brought you today.

For romance tips

Can you cleverly and tenderly catch women in your arms when they trip? There’s “romanzzz” to learn Korean shows.

Recommendation: “Boys Over Flowers”

Premium investigation

Women make up the largest part of the K-drama fan base in Nigeria. There must be a reason why. Finding out what these women see in these shows may be the self-improvement you need.

Recommendation: “Law School”

A chance to learn new language 

The world evolves every day. Your L1 and L2 are no longer enough in this new wave of globalisation. If you watch and learn well, you might even open a language school and turn it into a business.

Recommendation: “Pachinko”

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Less toxic men to stan

Not every time you’ll be doing like Peaky Blinder boys. Is Tommy Shelby’s trauma fun to you? Lee Min Ho and co are less problematic men to emulate.

Recommendation: “King the Land”

You and K-Drama men are more similar than you think

In “Alchemy of Souls”, the king was moving like Nigerian men. First thing he did after shifting souls with the mage was go after the mage’s wife. What kind of bastard konji is that?

Recommendation: “Alchemy of Souls”

Your babe enjoys it

You can’t dislike what your babe likes. It’s an unwritten rule.

Recommendation: “Crash Course In Romance”

Fashion sense

Watch out for the villains especially; they always eat with their fits. Life is more than skinny jeans and baggy Balenciaga shirts.

Recommendation: “Wang Taozhi Woos Madam Lim”



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