Buying men’s jeans in Nigeria can be such a drag. Apart from dealing with the stress of going to the market, here are seven struggles men face when trying to buy jeans срочный займ онлайн на карту.

1. The stress of knowing you have to go out to shop

This is you in bed in the weeks leading to your shopping day.

2. Market people dragging your trouser

They’ll now be shouting inside your ear: “Eyys fine boy/yellow/orobo/lepa/chairman, I get your size for stock jeans, come my shop.” Oga please, there’s corona outside.

3. Finding ripped and decorated jeans

When all you want is plain, normal jeans. I want regular jeans, not this one that they’ve decorated with Christmas lights and is ripped from your crotch to your ankle.

4. Running into bootcut jeans

Is this 1978? Why am I seeing bootcut?

Cut the Bootcut, Out of Style | Penmen Press

5. Not finding your size

You eventually find the jeans you can live with but you can’t find your size. Jeans come in every shape and size, except yours.

6. If you’re tall, double wahala for you

All the jeans that are your waist size is jumpin up your leg. You don’t even know if it’s trouser or three-quarter shorts.

7. Then you realise you’ve bought fake

When you wash the jeans and all the blue has entered the water. I hope you enjoy your white jeans.

Maison Margiela Faded Five Pocket Jeans | Hervia


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