In the thick of fuel subsidy frustrations and criminal price hike on everything, Nigerian men still found ways to be hilarious, especially on Twitter. Here’re some of them: 

1. A personal fave

A Nigerian will never not be afraid of large waters. Now he has the Bible to support it?

2. Mercy said no

Read the quote tweet in your native tongue.

3. The phallus call

Arise o’ genital, won’t you do meet and greet?

4. Totally recommend

Don’t worry about the years it took for the four strands to show. 

5. Who made you heir to the throne?

You’re on your own if you look back. You’re either Oba or you’ve funds to give egbon adugbo.

6. Let Arsenal breathe

Trophy drought is real.

7. Did the day give her a chance though?

8. “Elect-elect”

Or a mass comm graduate being called “presenter”. Don’t know which is worse.

9. And that’s on Maradona

You know yourself.

10. “Roaming about like VIO Hilux”

Napoli just splurged €100 million on its striker, Nigerian footballer, Victor Osimehn and the guy been in Lagos for a few weeks, going around and chilling. In this current Nigeria?

11. The second Lagos

Hope agege bread and ewa-agoyin aren’t missing in action?

12. LMAO, dead

13. Are you jotting things down?

Just spend this money.

14. Shege pro-max

Thank God you voted for agbado, hard times won’t touch you.

15. Are Nigerian men cursed with betting?

Can’t blame them. Should they go hungry?

16. Run oh

Eyes have really seen. What’s this youth labour?

17. No peace for semo

18. Jagaban warriors

Fitness soldiers, rise up, don’t let your money waste.

19. Eating >>> trekking

You people have money o.

20. God’s sense of humour >>>>

Destiny sat him down and said “you can never escape me.”

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