Your favourite musicians also have favourite musicians, and that’s why we created #MyLoop — a weekly series that asks Nigerian stars who they like to listen to when they’re feeling any type of way.

With every new release, it becomes increasingly clear that Prettyboy D-O is incapable of making a bad song. The manic energy he brings to every track is utterly infectious, and whether it’s a solo effort or a one-verse feature, he is always a memorable presence. 

This year, he’s soared on two fantastic tracks, Mojo’s anthemic “Chop Life Crew” and “Dey Go Hear Wehh”, the first single off his upcoming debut album, Pretty World. He also dropped the iconic video for the Santi-assisted “Pull Up”, a standout off his Everything Pretty mixtape.

So, as we impatiently wait for the rapper to come through with his debut album, we decided to find out what he’s been listening to recently, specifically when he is feeling any major emotion (ranging from happiness to anger) or doing something as simple as getting dressed.

From Burna Boy to Nav, here are the artists that made D-O’s loop:

1. Happy:

2. Sad:

3. Angry:

4. In Love:

5. Heartbroken:

6. Turned On:

7. Uninspired:

8. Homesick:

9. Driving:

10. Getting Dressed:


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