15 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Any Nigerian With An Ex

November 30, 2015

1. When you see them with that “friend” they told you not to worry about when you were dating.

I don’t blame you.

2. When they moved on from you way too quickly.

Ah! Just like that.

3. When they hit you up with that “long time” message.

See this one.

4. When they say they still want to remain friends.

Get out of here, my friend.

5. When someone asks you about them.

What’s my business?

6. When someone is trying to give you gist about them.

Just stop.

7. When they say they want to get back together.

Nope. Nah. Never.

8. Your friends, when you tell them you’re actually considering it.

Ah! Sorry! No vex.

9. When you run into each other and have to act civil.


10. When they tell you they’ve missed you.

Better disappear.

11. When they try to sneak back into your life.

Bye. I said BYE!!!

12. When they became hotter after you guys broke up.

What is all this?

13. When you post a hot picture and they suddenly hit you up.

Oh? You remember me now, abi?

14. When they no longer have your mumu button.


15. When you remember why you left them.

Let me not even vex.

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