The World Is Running Out Of Rice But Can You Imagine How Nigerians Would React?

May 11, 2016
According to this report, there is a shortage of rice all over the world and we couldn’t be more worried.

1. When you realise the food that defines your life is about to get scarce.

Panic attack!

2. When you realise you won’t be attending any more Owambe parties.

Because what is an Owambe without Jollof rice?

3. Nigerians, when they realise there won’t be Sunday rice anymore.

Kuku kill us.

4. How Nigerians protest when they stop eating rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We no go gree!

5. People that have rice at home will start doing shakara.

He who has Jollof rice has the whole world.

6. You, when your mother can’t tell you “there’s rice at home” anymore.

Look at God!

7. Christmas Jollof will become Christmas Amala.

The stress!

8. What restaurants serve when you ask for a plate of rice.


9. Nigerians, when their favourite Jollof rice restaurants finally close down.

This can’t be the end..

10. Daddy Bubu will kuku jet out for an international intervention on rice production.

Bring rice for us oh!

11. Nigerians, when a minister tries to tell them to find alternatives to rice.

Who couscous don epp?

12. How Nigerians rush to Benue when they realise there are several rice plantations in the state.

Let’s go there!

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