15 Nigerian Fashion Trends We’re Just Glad Are Dead And Gone

June 17, 2016

1. Those infamous spinning dollar belt buckles:

You had to spin it before entering into a room.

2. The painfully tacky LED belts:

It was the ultimate swag that time sha.

3. Studded belts that are trying to resurrect by force, but our God is stronger.

Just stay dead, bruh.

4. That time there were more Ama Kip Kip shirts in Nigeria than Nigerians.

Kai! They were EVERYWHERE.

5. See ehn, if you ever owned this shirt, only God can adequately judge you.


6. Remember when everyone was wearing Ed Hardy? Still gives us nightmares.

The designs were just so extra.

7. Those G Unit singlets that Ice Prince just can’t seem to let go of.

Let it go. bruh. Let it go.

8. You can’t tell us it wasn’t satan that invented harem pants. You just can’t.

They were just extra ugly on guys.

9. Let’s not even talk about carrot jeans.

No words.

10. SUPRA, you will never be missed.

Reminds us of those extra-skinny jeans days.

11. Nigerian guys sha collectively ruined the beauty of these Arab scarves.

Always paired with ridiculously tight white t-shirts.


Bandanas, BYE!

13. We love Kanye, but it will take us a while to forgive him for this trend.

The struggle.

14. All those N200 Jesus pieces where the ‘Jesus’ will be looking like Ayuba.

They did not try.

15. Nigerian babes would ALWAYS find a way to obtain your shambala.

In retrospect, they were probably doing you a favour.

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