15 Times This Picture Perfectly Described Painful Nigerian Situations

August 8, 2016

Nigeria’s basketball team, D’Tigers, had a photo-shoot in Brazil that basically broke the internet.

But we are actually here for the ‘jonzing’ meme Olaseni ‘Shane’ Lawson blessed us with:

1. When you shout the wrong answer in class with confidence.

2. When you tell your friends that you’re travelling abroad for the holiday and your parents tell you to pack for village.

3. When you text a babe you like and her boyfriend replies you.

4. When you say “last card” and your friend gives you pick 3.

5. When you get credit alert and you check and see N20 POS Loyalty.

6. When you’re arguing with your boyfriend and he is confidently missing the point.

7. When your card gets declined on your date after you’ve finished eating.

8. When you’re moving in for a hug and she stretches out her hand for you.

9. When you’re about to enter her DM and she posts an ‘I just said yes” engagement picture.

10. When you tell her you love her and she says she loves you too… like a brother.

11. When the ATM finishes making the ‘krrrrr’ sound, but nothing comes out.

12. When you pay for her plane ticket and another man picks her up at the airport.

13. When the last match casts your sweet bet slip.

14. When you storm off hoping the market woman will call you back but she lets you walk away.

15. When you smile at a fine babe in the club and her friend is the one that smiles back.

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