NYSC Khakis: The Good, The Bad And The Hideous

July 11, 2016

1. When they ask for your size but still give you the one that is 5 times too big.

What was now the point, ehn?

2. You, trying to find jungle boots that are actually your size:

The struggle is real.

3. When you try on your khakis for the first time.

Hay God!

4. When you finally discover the real use of the NYSC cap.

Helping corpers sleep since 1973.

5. When you go to Mami market and hear “N1,000 to slim-fit.”

Ah! Are you sewing me aso-ebi?

6. How you think you look in your khakis vs. How you actually look:

The truth can pain.

7. When you realize the NYSC belt is actually just a useless rope.

The belt will be doing as if you’re begging it to hold your trouser.

8. How your khakis shrink after one wash:

The worst.

9. When you go out in your khakis and everyone suddenly thinks they know you.

Can you not?

10. When strangers shout “corper wee!” and actually expect you to reply “waaa!”

See this one.

11. How you look at people who somehow manage to look good in their khakis:

You think this is fashion week.

12. When road safety allows you pass because you’re wearing your khakis.


13. You, running to go and change immediately clearance is over.

No time, abeg.

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