Jessica Jones: All The Times Kilgrave Proved He Was A Yoruba Demon

November 30, 2015
Ever watched the Netflix hit show, Jessica Jones? Ever thought.. “there is something eerily similar between the Yoruba demons frequently described by Zikoko and the villain Kilgrave”? Yup! We feel the exact same way and we have all the evidence that Kilgrave is just like your evil ex boyfriend who just won’t let somebody prosper in peace!

When he tried to come between your friendships like…

And your friends never had anything good to say about your relationship.

Because he often said things like…

And had you hit rock bottom so hard.

That on some days you just wanted to end it all.

But when you tried to walk away he hit you with reverse psychology.

But you knew he was the mad one because all his victims had a support group.

So you gathered all your strength and left.

And all your friends and family were relieved.

You were finally free… for two weeks before he returned like..

And tried to pile the love on thick.

Then tried to scare away your new bae.

And all you could think was… #EppMePlix!

Because he was relentless in trying to get you back.

Till you started to think maybe you could change him.

So you told your friend you were thinking of going back.

And he quickly started to show his true colours again…

And even his father had to warn you…

Because really, his plan was simple.

But he didn’t know you’d finally toughened up.

Guess who’s in charge now, bruh?

Because life is really too short to stay with someone who makes you unhappy. Written by Zikoko contributor, Adebola Rayo.

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