Everything That Happens When You Like To Dance But Have Two Left Feet

May 10, 2017

1. This is you every Friday:

2. But then you remember that you can’t dance to save your life.

3. So you pay someone to teach you how to dance.

4. And you look for dance tutorials online.

5. Then you start to practice all your dance steps.

6. And you practice:

7. And practice:

8. And you even plan one elaborate choreography in your head.

We’re gonna shut down that dancefloor!

9. How you think you look when you dance:

10. How you actually look:

11. How everyone else looks at you:

Hey now, what are you doing?

12. So you just jejely stay on your own when all your friends are dancing.

No need to come and embarrass yourself.

13. But then the DJ plays your song and you forget yourself.

14. When you’re feeling the music but you don’t want to embarrass yourself so you just sit down and be moving small small:

And now, if you would like to find out what kind of owambe dancer you are, you should read this next post:


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