Dear Nigerian Nurses, Your Patients Have Something To Say To You

May 24, 2016

1. Talking to us through the pain is the right move.

Do this.

2. When you want to give us injections, one place is enough.

The body is not a pin cushion.

3. When you exhaust all the spaces on our butts, please don’t start with our thighs.

It’s painful!

4. When you’re giving us injections, don’t ask why we’re crying. We are in pain!

You would cry too, if someone was sticking needles into you.

5. And no, don’t compare us to a child (or an adult) who isn’t crying.

Not our faults their bodies are made of steel.

6. When we are sick and not eating, shouting at us doesn’t help our apetite.

We will still not eat.

7. No, do not diagnose us before the doctors have a chance to.

Thank you.

8. When you’re rushing to close your shift, an overdose on drugs or injection is not the right way.

Please we are begging.

9. Hungry means now, not after your favorite Telemundo episode.

We are humans too!

10. When we come to get birth control, it doesn’t mean we want to sell our bodies.

Props for being responsible?

11. When we say it’s an emergency, we are not trying to play with your time.

Is it till someone dies?

12. When you put us on a weight scale, no need to comment on the weight.

Yes we are aware that “we have added oh”.

13. Don’t leave us sitting at the reception forever. We are people too.

And that malaria won’t cure itself.

14. A little smile goes a long way. Please smile.

We just want you to nurture.

15. We know you gossip about everybody at the hospital – including us.

I can hear you!

16. We paid for this bed and for treatment, so stop expecting us to pack and go before we are fully well.

So sorry for the stress.

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