9 Things That Happen When You Like Food Too Much

May 23, 2017

1. When you’re sleeping and you smell food coming from the kitchen:

2. You hurrying back home at lunch time:

3. When you say “come and eat” out of politeness and the person goes to get a spoon:

4. When your favourite bukka reduces their serving size:

5. When somebody says, “you like food too much”

And what’s your own?

6. When you’ve just finished breakfast but you’re already thinking about what to have for lunch:

7. When your boyfriend thinks you’re upset with him but really you’re just hungry:

Really, it’s not you babe, I just want food!

8. When you go to a restaurant and they’re having a buffet:

9. “Snack break” is really a mini lunch:

If you love food, then you’ll love this:


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