17 Pictures Only Nigerians Who Live Alone Will Completely Understand

1. When you thought living alone meant turning up more, but this is you every weekend:

Is this my life?

2. When you fall ill and there’s no one there to pamper you.

I miss my mummy.

3. When you leave home and can’t remember if you turned off the iron or not.

Should I go back?

4. When you’re super hungry but too tired to actually cook.

Epp me, plix.

5. You, whenever a new bill comes:

I am tired of being an adult.

6. When you start to know the price of things you never cared about before.


7. When you develop a strong relationship with Indomie.

8. When you start to appreciate Owambes more.

9. When it’s time to zip up your dress.

The struggle.

10. This perk:

11. When you magically become a pro at budgeting.

You can account for every single Naira.

12. When you come back home and everything you own is exactly where you left it.


13. …but the plates you left in the sink are still there too.


14. When you get to walk around naked all you want.

The absolute best.

15. When you realize how boring it actually is.

The absolute worst.

16. When it’s time to clean up the house.

Ugh. Why am I so dirty?

17. When it starts raining and you can’t remember if you closed your windows.

Hay God!

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