10 Things That Are Too Real For Nigerians Who Have Already Shut Down For The Year

December 14, 2015
If you’ve already mentally rounded up 2015, but the year still hasn’t caught up to your mood and you still have to go to work, then this is for you.

1. When you see kids already on holiday having fun.

This adult life is a scam sha.

2. You now have a deeper appreciation for the weekend.


3. …but then you wake up on Monday morning and realize you still have to go to work.

I can’t. I just can’t.

4. You, pretending to actually do any work.

Just leave me alone, abeg.

5. Your face, when your boss tells you to do anything.

Instead of you to be happy I’m even still here.

6. When someone tries to get you to stay in office longer than you have to.

You will have to kill me first.

7. Your face, when you receive a work email.

It’s like these ones are mad.

8. You don’t know how, but December has taken a sledgehammer to your account balance.

I don’t remember spending all this money.

9. Leaving your house feels like the hardest thing right now.

Please, don’t make me anywhere.

10. You, counting down the days till your leave starts.

Do and start, abeg.

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