14 Of The Most Amazing Nigerian Food Transformations

June 18, 2016

1. When your meat pie visits the best MUA in the whole state

See that highlight!

2. Bread and Akara that has done plastic surgery and is now Kim Kardashian

Is that you Bread and Akara???

3. When your Puff Puff has gone abroad to do masters and comes back

This one is not your mate anymore.

4. Eba and Efo Riro that is now working with NNPC

You are not on the same pay grade.

5. Yam and Stew that has opened business and does contracts with Aso Rock

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Respect it.

6. The Yam Porridge that will steal your boyfriend one day

We now understand why Esau sold his birthright.

7. Your favorite and best MUA cannot contour your face as fine as this Eba

Just agree.

8. This is the Suya your mallam does not want you to see

He said “it just wants to spoil our relationship”.

9. This Asun and Boli just got endorsed by a telecom company

No contest here. It has changed levels.

10. This Moinmoin won the American lottery and drives a 2016 Range now

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Hello, from the other side.

11. This is the Ewa Agoyin that changed from Grammar school to Lekki British

It will collect your girlfriend at inter-house sport.

12. The Ogbono soup that stepped up her game after she broke up with you

You can’t get her anymore.

13. The Fried Rice that won a N200 Million Promo

It will soon move to Banana Island.

14. This Peppered Snail that is now a starboy and has done a song with Drake

Baba God has picked up for it.

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