11 Times Nigerians Hilariously Described This DJ Khaled Meme

February 27, 2017

1. When you visit your friend that keeps dogs in their house.

2. How your siblings come to disturb your entire life.

3. When you want to ask your mother a question but you’re afraid of her slapping your face.

4. Arsenal fans, whenever football banter comes up.

5. This tweet that accurately describes DJ Khaled.

6. When you trust God but just want to make sure things are okay.

7. When you want to do Yahoo Yahoo but you have home training.

8. When your mommy makes a promise but you know she’s lying.

9. When your mum won’t stop complaining about you in the house.

10. The official amebo pose:

11. When your favourite uncle is around but you don’t want to look like a beggy-beggy.

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