11 Situations Every Fresh Off The Boat Nigerian Can Relate To

March 9, 2016
Sometimes you wonder “how do people know when a Nigerian is a JJC or Fresh Off the Boat” (term to denote someone who just freshly arrived in a foreign country)? Here are some of the things they noticed.

1. When you change your location on social media

This is when you’re trying so hard to let people know location has changed, mans has stepped up.

2. When you start loading the accent from the airport

In your mind you can’t have people thinking you’re new here. And trying to let everyone understand you.

3. When you start taking photos at any random mall or store

No more Shoprite or Palms. We now know you go to Macy’s and Selfridges now. To snap pictures though.

4. When you start complaining “Is there anything that they don’t put tax on?” 

When you realize there is tax on ordinary chewing gum. Smh I miss traffic hawkers.

5. Always asking everybody “What is the exchange rate today?”

When you are trying to control expenses based off the currency you are used to. Acting like you don’t have google to check yourself.

6. And the only question on your mind all day “Where can I find Jollof rice please?”

Two weeks and four days after you are tired of eating cheeseburgers and sandwiches. Your daily cry for help.

7. Asking everyone “Is there any African store around here?”

Then you decide to take matters into your hands and hunt for food. Don’t worry you won’t die.

8. When you suddenly become very humble

Chairman you’re enjoying oh. Response: Na God oh, He will do your own too.

9. When you try to dress like everyone around you then overdo it

Don’t do it. Stop.

10. Always converting your rent and expenses to Naira

“this is money for one plot of land in Ogun State”. Okay, minister for naira conversion don’t be angry.

11. Then you keep reminding everyone “Nigeria has a long way to go”

When you finally start realizing the awesome of the overseas… Stop. We know.

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