Emojis were created to make texting cooler and make conversations a lot more interesting. Since we are ever so kind at Zikoko, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to interpret what some emojis should mean. 


This emoji should be called the 40+ emoji, it’s not a smile or a frown? It’s passive-aggressive, very much like 40+ people.


This bugs bunny man face emoji looks like someone you’ll tell your kids to avoid. The glasses, teeth and scary smile?? 🙃


This emoji typically should be someone somersaulting, but if you get some good news and the dancing emoji doesn’t work well for you, you can use this as a ‘twerking upside down’ emoji. Don’t ask us to explain our thought process, just agree with us.


This one is general knowledge it’s not our interpretation, if someone sends you that emoji just ask them when and where. Because you only send that emoji to people you want to sleep with. Again, general knowledge.


It’s supposed to mean raindrops but we all know that it doesn’t only rain from the sky. Simple and short.


This emoji means ‘‘I’m dead’’ and when used, it should be followed by a deep breath God forbid. The emoji looks so powerful that if it is used too often the user can actually die. Closely followed by this, one of its siblings ☠️

7.🙆🏽‍♀️ 🙆🏽‍♂️

This emoji was created by a Yoruba person and it means ‘’I’m in trouble’’, actually means ‘‘mo gbe’’. Some people may say otherwise or say we are lying, but why else will your hand be on your head if you are not in trouble? 



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