Back in the day, literally all shopping was carried out offline. Now, you can even lie in bed and shop for groceries online. One less thing to stress about as you hustle for your daily 2k.

Your online shopping experience could even be made better with these following things:

1. The wisdom of your forefathers

Shopping is addictive, and your cart is filled enough. Wisdom will prevent you from impulsively spending all the money you’ve saved for japaing on one handbag.

2. Discounts, discounts, discounts

Shopping is much more fun when you are saving some coins, yes or yes? If your favourite shopping store doesn’t give discounts, fight them.

3. A password even the Devil cannot guess

How long will you keep using 123456789 and your birthday in reverse as your password? It’s 2022, fix up before one hacker will access all your card details and wipe your account clean.

4. The patience of a snail

Not every shiny, carefully photographed item on a e-store is the real deal. Patience will prove helpful in getting value for your money. Unless you want to keep regretting a hasty purchase till you clock ninety.

5. Doorstep delivery

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could shop globally and get your order shipped right to your doorstep? If you live alone and are trying to prevent the whole of Nigeria from knowing you even have money to order stuff from the abroad, this option is perfect!

Are you an online shopper? You’ll love this.

Discover the joy of shopping in the US, China, UK and Turkey amongst other countries with 32 S&S addresses worldwide. Why wait? Sign up with Shop and Ship today.

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