Shopping online, especially on international stores is a delightful and stress-free process, or is it? You must have experienced certain things that just make you frustrated and want to say, “Not again”, like the ones below:

Which can you relate to the most?

1. Paying can be frustrating

It’s not as if you’re begging for the money oh. You have it, but to make payment becomes difficult. Either because your debit card keeps getting declined, the payment methods are not supported in Nigeria or one OTP wahala. Heavy sigh.

2. Shipping fees cost more than the product

Imagine paying $25 as shipping fee for sunglasses that cost $4. How?? How much is transport fare to the market?

3. Delivery takes forever

That’s how you’ll think every knock on your door or unknown number calling is a delivery person. Someone can even get pregnant and give birth during some waiting periods. If some of your orders even arrive in one piece, thank your star. Wahaleux.

4. Confusion with currency conversion

Rushing to convert the prices on items before adding to cart is just tiring. Makes you wonder why there’s no universal currency.

5. You cannot do “back to sender”

This one can make you want to grow wings and fly, because the return policies suck. Especially when you get those outrageous deliveries that look nothing like what you ordered online, a.k.a what you ordered vs. what you got.

6. Nigeria not being on the radar

There is always that one international shopping site that doesn’t deliver to Nigeria. A whole Nigeria oh, it’s not their fault.

7. Address wahala

There is always the scepticism about filling the address option. What if they come and kidnap you or worse, your package gets delivered to your enemy’s house? Which room number will you even write when the numbering on your street is not straightforward? Omo.

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Yup. To your door gan gan!

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