Everybody likes to bash Ju-ju baby, and understandably so. But as the princess of Africow once said: 

This isn’t a case to justify Ju-ju with the backstabbing juju’s actions, but as you go around dragging him like Tiger gen, do it with the awareness that there’s probably a sprinkle of Judas Iscariot’s bad character in you.

He was envious

Judas was a fake friend to Jesus — as fake as ₦15k Adidas slides. He put the “j” in jealousy simply because Jesus was a better person than him. If your friend gets something you’ve always wanted, it’s okay to sit with that jealousy for a minute. But if you decide to pull a Judas, anything your eyes see, let your hands carry.

He was a traitor

Jesus carried that man from Jerusalem to Galilee, but he turned around and sold him out for 30 small pieces of silver? Well, you sell out secrets, put innocent people in a wrong light and slide into their relationships unprovoked. 

Once a crime is involved though, we’re going to need you to open your mouth and traitor like you’ve never traitored before.

He was greedy AF

Look, he was in the Mo’Hits Records of his time — besties with Jesus, touring the world together. Heck, he was eating the disciples’ money too.

Judas could’ve continued enjoying that life, but they dangled a bag of precious metal in his face, told him to jump and he asked, “How high?”But let me tell you, if they serve you food in a mixing bowl and you finish everything or you eat more than two eggs at once, Judas is your daddy.

He was a liar

Judas was at the last supper when Jesus declared, “One of you will betray me.” All the disciples went around asking, “Is it me, Jesus?” and he had the guts to join them?

A lying liar. The devil was caught shaking.

You might be one too sha. A white lie is still a lie, so the next time your friend asks where you are, and you tell them, five minutes away when you’ve just stepped out the bathroom, hold your hand to your chest and say, “Judas Iscariot, is that you?”

He was a hypocrite

Judas claimed to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus, and most likely went around preaching to people. Then he turned around and did everything he and his besties preached against. 

We don’t make the rules, but if you say you eat beans and refuse gbegiri, then you and the man who led Jesus to the grave might have something in common.

He was a thief

Politicians learnt their work from Judas. This man was treasurer of the disciples, but instead of thanking God every day for the opportunity and serving diligently, he treated the holy money like his personal stash. Now, if you ‘fapped’ pens in high school, if you keep that ₦50 change that rightfully belongs to your mother, if you also take small meat from her pot without permission, you and Judas just might be twinning.

He felt remorse

He wasn’t necessarily sorry he’d sold his oga and friends out, but he felt bad it led to Jesus’ death. 

If you don’t feel any remorse at all for your bad behaviour, it simply means you’ve surpassed Judas’ level, and you’re now dining with principalities and powers.



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