They say Yoruba people know how to abuse.

Especially when they’re abusing you and smiling at you at the same time!! Like, WHY?!!

But you will hear some Hausa insults that will make you do like this:

It will hit you DEEP in your soul.

And don’t even let us get started on Warri people and “YOUR PAPA!”,

But what would you expect? Warri people NO DEY CARRY LAST before!

It’s quite obvious really. Every Nigerian language has some pretty strong insults in their vocabulary that’ll make you go:


So we want to know, what are the craziest insults in your language?

Feel free. Don’t hold back. Let’s know what insults are lurking deep in the recesses of your mother tongue. Tell us the craziest insults in your language, (along with an English translation of the meaning as well as the tribe) and if it’s a really good one, we’ll feature it on our next Zikoko Readers’ Choice post!


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