About a week ago, we were trying to find the craziest insults from the different Nigerian languages.


Based on the responses, we can conclude that regardless of the tribe, Nigerians are just not nice people.

From Yoruba to Igbo to Ibibio insults, here are the seven craziest ones we got:

Wonbiliki wobia!

Baruwa Adetutu Adesola

This is a Yoruba insult for a person that likes food. But is is a crime to like food? Is it?

Oponu po tea

Biya ‘beebee’ Abiola

It’s a Yoruba insult that means fool. Again, these Yoruba people ehn!

Anu ofia ka gi nma

Zee Ching-yin

An Igbo insult that means, “a useless animal is better than you”. But, how? How can you even say something like this to someone? How?


Nwamaka Edith Amadi

It’s an Igbo insult, but we’re not entirely sure what it means. It sounds very hurtful though. The kind of thing that’ll just make you sit down and think about your life.

Alapa stainless

Omowumi Adeleke

A Yoruba insult that directly translates to “one with a stainless arm/hand” and is used to insult a lazy person. But how do you even use stainless steel to yab somebody sha? How?

Okponu Dokpemu and sule gbefe

Dammie Rhema Ogunjimi

These ones are Yoruba insults which we’re sure in the true fashion of Yoruba insults will just pain you to your chest.

Otoro gba gbue ka gi

Zee Ching-yin

An Igbo insult that means, “may you die of uncontrollable running stomach.” This one is just harsh. Not nice at all. As in, at all.

Nton mkpo

Bright Udoh

An Ibibio word that means Idiot. If you don’t speak Ibibio, you’ll be thinking they’re giving you nickname.

Nkita la’cha ike gi

Zee Ching-yin

An Igbo insult that means, “May a dog lick your butt.” And I ask once again; But why? Why? Why??

Ebe achi!

Emmanuel Ogwuche

An Idoma insult that means bush meat/foolish person. If you did not know the word, you’ll be thinking they want to give you food, not knowing that they are yabbing you.

And now, here’s a post on childhood insults that’ll make you remember the old days.



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