COVID-19 rates are going down, but what that also means is that our masks should stay up – especially if we want to avoid the third wave. Thankfully, we’ve all gotten very creative with how we match our face masks and shields with our outfits and personalities.

Here are four different mask personalities and what they say about you:

  1. The slay queen with the ‘make-up over mask’ mantra

The face shield was made for pretty girls that have their face beat and their hair laid. How else are people going to fully admire the ‘slay’ if a face mask is strapped to your face? 

But er, please, add a cloth mask underneath that shield. Double protection is the way to go.

  1. The moody Gen Z with the black mask.

The ‘anti-society Gen Z look’ is not complete without a black face mask, dark sunglasses and a hat. If they didn’t look menacing before, the face mask was sent to complete that look. Think of Batman’s nemesis, Bane!

  1. The responsible millennial with the ‘clinical’ mask.

The responsible generation will not be caught dead in anything that goes against the grain. At least if they can’t be doctors, they can still give off surgeon vibes without disappointing their parents. 

  1. The ‘a-young-e’ baby boomer with the N95.

Just like Jay-Z with the helmet, baby boomers aren’t messing around. After working hard all these years to sit back and enjoy the money, not even World War III can stop the vibes.

No matter which of these personalities you can most relate with, as long as you keep your mask AND face shield fully strapped on wherever you go, we can continue to see COVID rates go down.

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