Instead of swinging back and forth awkwardly while everyone sings “Happy birthday” to you at the top of their voices, here are a some better ways to spend that time.

Get started on your budget

The chances of you spending too much money on your birthday are high. There’s no better time to plan how you’ll survive on what’s left in your account until the next payday.

Pass an offering basket around

While everyone’s singing like badly selected choristers, they might as well drop a little token for you, so you can feel their love fully.

Break into  dance

Try a little interpretive dance for them. This way, you’re giving as much as you’re getting, and everyone gets to behold your talent.

Plan your next birthday 

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This birthday may be good, but the next can be better. Best to start planning now.

Mark who’s singing or not singing 

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Look carefully at the people singing, those are your friends, the ones chewing mouth and just shining teeth? Bombastic side eye.


With the amount of money you spend on your birthday, you’ll need divine intervention to see you till the end of the month.

Sing along

Your friends and family don’t get to have all the fun. Join in and lend your angelic voice to the course.

Eat cake

They’ll look at you sideways, but everybody’s singing. It’s also your birthday cake. Who’s going to check you?

Apply sunscreen

It doesn’t matter if you’re outdoors or indoors, the skincare gurus have said the best way to care for your skin is by applying two fingers’ worth of sunscreen every two hours. As you work on protecting your skin, you can start thinking about where the money for your next skincare haul will come from.

Figure out how the Starks managed to win the Game of Thrones

How though? Daenerys had three dragons and at least five armies and the Lannisters had wit. How did they lose?

Think of ways to make money from corn/agbado 

This is the year of the corn. Get in line, start thinking of all the way you can make money from a damn roasted corn.



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