Who says Nigerian men don’t believe in skincare? They actually do. It’s just that your idea of skin care differs from theirs and that’s where the problem lies. Here are 7 things you will find in a Nigerian man’s skincare bag.

1. This hairbrush.

It’s dual purpose for a lot of Nigerian men because some of them don’t like to waste money. Therefore, this brush can work as a hair brush and a shoe brush. If you think we’re lying, ask them.

2. Or this hairbrush.

Same as above: dual purpose brush. Most times, it is a jeans brush that was eventually converted to hair brush. What is dead may never really die in the Nigerian man’s skin care pack.

3. Bar soap.

Usually a generic one: Dettol or Premier Cool or Imperial Leather. The woke ones are the ones who use Irish Spring and won’t let us rest on Twitter with their filtered selfies. Don’t say you heard it from us, but some of these men use their bath soap to wash their boxers.

4. Hair cream (which also doubles as body cream on days when they decide to ‘pamper’ their skin).

Creaming the body is not exactly needed, you know? They only just need to rub it on their face and legs, places their clothes won’t cover.

5. Roll on.

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A necessary commodity. Nigerian men care about armpit scent, strangely.

6. Perfume.

This one serves a lot of purpose: to mask the odour on days when they didn’t bathe; to keep of the smell of fornication when their real girlfriend comes visiting; to keep off any unwanted odour when a new babe is coming to their house for the first time.

7. A towel.

To clean their body on days when they don’t rush to wear clothes immediately after leaving the bathroom. This towel can also be used to clean shoes or wipe stains off their jeans. If any man says we are lying, let them come and confront us.



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