Help us talk to inflation

Can you guys help us figure out why the price of a Toyota Corolla is now ₦4 million? If you can invite inflation for a podcast episode, we promise to dash you all the mics you want.

Becoming a millionaire’s side chic

So many people want to enter that line of business and need solid intel. Do it for the good of the community.

Speak to a male ashewo

What are the career prospects? How much do they earn? What is the work culture like? What are the barriers to entry? These are the important questions.

How to make money doing nothing

Nobody likes stress. It’ll be best if you help us figure out how to make money without doing anything, so we can live our best lives.

Sexual health

We all know people won’t stop committing sin. So, why not help us by talking about sexual health on your podcast, so we can make it to hell in good health?

How to get lucky

Some people don’t seem to have village people in this life. They stay winning, just cruising through life with ease and softness. Can’t you find them and tell them to share some secrets with the rest of the population?

How to spend ₦400k

Since podcasters love to settle every issue known to man, they should help us figure out the best way to spend ₦400k. It’s just a suggestion.

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