TPL5 is Tomorrow and Here is Everything You Need To Know About It

September 4, 2015

You would have heard from somewhere that Nigerian Twitter is an institution. It is a force to be reckoned with. Nothing proves that more that the Twitter Premier League (TPL). Twitter users in and around Lagos came together to play football and formed this impressive league. The TPL started two years ago and is now in the 5th edition.

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The TPL5 is proudly sponsored by Mall For Africa and Lucozade Sport. And tomorrow will see 8 teams competing: 6 Male teams and Two Female teams.

The Male Division

In the male division, the reigning champions are The Saints.

The Saints

The name ‘The Saints’ was inspired by the New Orleans Saints (a professional American football team based in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States).


Their Coach is Opeyemi Tokoya (@Optninety9) and the team is captained by @elubomba.

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They are proudly sponsored by Watch Locker, Skull Candy and just recently, Durex. The Saints have the largest fan base of all the Teams, I think I might just join!

The Cubs

The Cubs registered as a TPL franchise club after the second edition of the competition and was originally meant to be a club formed for IJGBs, but went on to include players who were largely locally based. They won the 3rd season of the TPL.

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Their Coach is Adebambo Adegboyega (@slayaar) and the team is captained by Caleb Olorunmaiye (@_ceefour).

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The Guns

The Guns was set up as a team comprising of Arsenal fans to play at the first edition of the TPL.

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Their Coach is Stitches (@HAYESLIKEISSAC) and the team is captained by Tosin (@o_la_nihun).

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The Guns have become notorious for signing the most prestigious sponsorship deals, being backed by no less than Sterling Bank.

The Knights (formerly The Rebels)

The Knights were formed at the maiden edition of the TPL to present an alternative for all football lovers who are not fans of the Three Big English premier league clubs popular in Nigeria. Nicknamed “The Baby Boys” by their fans and spectators because of the flair and physical attractiveness they brought to the TPL.

They will be making their debut appearance as The Knights, this Saturday. Their Coach is Dimeji Williams (@Dimeji_W) and the team is captained by Deji (@slash_comet).

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This is obviously where all the fine boys at. See ya!

The Red Devils

The Red Devils is primarily a football team made up of Manchester United supporters, but it has grown to accommodate fans of other clubs. The team has won the TPL trophy on two separate occasions, coming out victorious at the first edition against the Blues and then at the second edition against the Rebels.

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Their Coach is Tunde Ogunmowo (@papiJebz) and the team is captained by Wale (@comodowales). And they’re backed by online mall, Konga, Printivo etc. Their #IamRed took over twitter in less than 24 hours.

The Royals (formerly the Anikitos, formerly The Blues)

A team originally made of strangers bound together by their support for the Chelsea Football Club in the English Premier league franchise. They have since rebranded as The Anikitos, for TPL2 and now, their debut appearance as The Royals come Saturday.

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Their Coach is Emeka (@Big_Slai) and the team is captained by Howard (@Chelseageneral5).

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They’re proudly sponsored by Tecno Mobile and Spinlet.

The Female Division

And here, the reigning champions are The Panthers.

The Panthers

The Panthers is a football team that comprises of ladies from all walks of life, who live in different parts of Nigeria, and are united by a love for soccer. After suffering two straight losses at the first two editions of the TPL, The Panthers have since won the title two times, and are the reigning champions of the female league.

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They’re managed by Victor Kalu (@woulk3r) , Laru Ademosu (@d_laru) and the team is captained by Sharon (@Sharonthenerd).

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The Tsarinas

The Tsarinas female soccer team is made up of ladies , who even though not professional players enjoy the game of soccer for fun and exercise and always the aim to win. Two-time winners of the first two editions of TheTPL, The Tsarinas are eager to take back the title. They certainly look ready.


They’re managed by Tunde Ogunmowo (@papiJebz) and the team is captained by Isioma (@greekgoddess210).


Which team would you be rooting for?

TPL5 promises lots of food and good music, so don’t worry, you won’t stop eating long enough to be bored with the football. And if you did not already know, kick off is at 10 am tomorrow at the Campos Mini Stadium.

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