African parents (especially Nigerians) are the same all over the world.  But when this chap decided to prank his mother by pretending to get a tattoo. Her reaction is straight out of the African Mother’s Playbook.

1. She Will Blame Your Friends.

Because you cannot be the bad one among your friends; they are always influencing you.

2. She Will Bring the Spiritual Angle.

In case you don’t know, the Bible [or Koran] is against that thing you just did.  You mother knows chapter and verse.

3. When She Discovers You Got a Dragon Tattoo.

You sef no try. A dragon? Are you Harry Potter?

4. A Holy Book Will Be Quoted.

This is why you should pay attention in Sunday School.

5. She Will Close the Door So You Can’t Escape.

You’re a prisoner in your parent’s house.  If you doubt it, try and pass that door she just closed.

6. She Will Bring Up Your Health.

Your mother is concerned about your health.  Because if you die, how will you give her grandchildren and shame her enemies?

Enjoy the video here.

And ask yourself, what would my mother do if I came home with a tattoo?


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