Celebricity.com reports that Karen Rainford , the mother of six who was beheaded in Mountain View, California was killed by husband.  Friends report that Mr Rainford has recently used DNA testing to discover that none of their 6 children were his.  Karen reportedly used to come to his place of employment and embarrass him for child support money, meanwhile possibly know that the kids weren’t his all along. We have asked Judge Don Jazzy to handle the case.  He has questions:

1. Why did Karen keep having children? Hadn’t she heard of contraception?

2. What made Mr Rainford get suspicious at number 6? Why not after the 3rd kid?

3. You mean he did naming ceremony and child dedication for 6 children that weren’t his?

4. Ok. Why couldn’t he just accept those children? Can’t he see Baba Segi?

5. Can’t you see the hand of God in this matter? Is it easy to have 6 children?

6. Can you imagine how many times Karen had to cheat to result in having 6 children?

7. Did Karen have the children from 6 different men? From one other man? Does she know?

8. Now that you’ve read this, why aren’t you sharing to your friends?



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