I won’t get into the details of why eggs are synonymous with Easter celebrations, but they somehow symbolise the re-emergence of Christ. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s focus on some lesser-celebrated iconic eggs. 

The egg of life

These Are the Most Famous Eggs of All Time

This egg was highly slept on until Nollywood showed us the light in 2003. We can’t say we know how you can lay your hands on this magical egg that has the power to raise the dead but start by going to Google with the search query: “Where’s the nearest evil forest?”

The egg of wealth AKA Ọ̀fọ̀rọ̀ Ndụ́

These Are the Most Famous Eggs of All Time

This egg is the second most GOATED egg of all time. It’s on some magical shit that brings prosperity and blessings to anyone who receives it. How to find it? We don’t know.

The egg Ghanaians always eat

Even if you dig beneath the crux of Mother Earth and hide yourself in a thick-as-fuck bunker, you’ll still hear about the exploits of the Ghanaian egg. Last we heard of it, it made a surprise appearance inside meat pie.

The eggs that were put in one basket

These Are the Most Famous Eggs of All Time

These eggs are so famed for bad luck that they have a huge reputation in global academia as a warning sign. Ask anyone about Idioms, and these eggs will appear quicker than you can spell “fry”.

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And the ones used for sacrifice

They’re the black sheep of the worldwide egg family for three reasons: They roll with gods and jinns, they’re never clothed, and they’re unnecessarily scary.

The egg that married bread

Think of Romeo and Juliet’s story, and you’ll understand why this egg is famous. Yup, this egg is a hopeless romantic.

And the one that eloped with Yam

These Are the Most Famous Eggs of All Time

Rumour has it that yam was betrothed to red oil until this egg appeared. Yam and egg continue to live happily to this day. Just ask Sabi Girl Ayra.

The eggs all men protect

These eggs are famous for being the only known identical twins in the egg world. They’re fragile AND they have the special ability to produce life.

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