Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and if you’re conflicted about the gifts that’ll have the recipient grinning from mouth to ear, we’ve got you covered. You won’t find a more comprehensive list. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Men can act like they don’t care, but trust us when we say these gift ideas for men will answer their many “God when?” questions.

An underwear set

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Forget all the bashing on social media, men appreciate underwear. Just go the extra mile by getting the best quality and designer brands.

Hard currency 

With a dollar selling for ₦1500 at the parallel market? See, that man will love you forever. You just made offsetting some of his bills easier.


There’s something they say about men and the way to their hearts. If Hilda Baci cooked for 100 hours, double the number up and fill his refrigerator with all sorts of local and intercontinental delicacies.

A spa appointment 

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Nigerian men are seeing shege seven days of the week in Tinubu’s era. A fully paid spa session will show him how thoughtful you are.

A customized jersey

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

If he loves football, the only other way to his heart apart from food might be his club’s original jersey that comes with his name on it.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

If you don’t know, Nigerian women are tired of plastic flowers and all the other low-effort gifts that show zero intentionality. Consider these Valentine’s gift ideas for women in Tinubu’s Nigeria and the flames of their love will burn hotter than an agbado grill. 

A pasta date

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Nigerian women love their pasta. Whether it’s creamy, bolognese, stir fry or village, just make sure pasta is on the restaurant menu as you plan to make that dinner reservation for two.


The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Nigerian women are tired of the long hours required at hair salons, hence the love for wigs. So, add another quality wig to her collection; she can never have too much of it.

A romantic getaway 

Your woman deserves to see the world and who best to make it happen? It doesn’t even have to be Santorini or The Maldives, she’ll take a trip to Benin Republic or Ghana, as long as it’s well thought out.


The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

When you think of jewellery as an investment option for your woman, you’ll be open to spending millions on their collection. And she’ll appreciate you for giving her a safety net. For starters, consider VanCleef. 

A year’s worth supply of sanitary pad

Sanitary pads have joined the inflation race. For an essential need that needs to be replaced every month, you’ll be taking a huge burden off her finances. 

Valentine’s Day Gift for Friends

We’ve already established that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples. Your platonic relationships should also enjoy some attention and there’s no better way than surprising your friends with a Valentine’s Day gift. If you’re conflicted on what to buy, these suggestions should get you started.

A photoshoot session

We need to normalize friends hitting the studio for professionally shot portraits. Not every time couples and birthday celebrants. Friends have memories that must be preserved too.

A personalised hamper

Hampers don’t have to go out during the Christmas season alone. Curate a personalised hamper and include items that show you know your friends better than the lines on your palm.

Or a personalised photobook

After your family members and lover, you most likely have the most shared memories with your friends. Show them just how much these moments mean to you by documenting them in a photobook. They might cringe at first, but don’t worry, it’ll be one of those things they’ll cling to when japa comes between y’all. 

A weekend getaway

A day or two to do batshit crazy things with friends? Yes, please. Tell them to pack their bags and join you in a short-let apartment you’ve paid for. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen on Valentine’s Day, especially if it falls on a work day. You could push for the weekend right after. 

Valentine’s Day Gift for Family

So you want to make it an extra special celebration of love by including your family members? So sweet. Consider these Valentine’s Day gift ideas. 

A family portrait

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

If y’all don’t already have one, now’s the perfect time to drag everybody to a studio. By everybody we mean the grandparents, the parents, siblings, grandkids and great-grandkids. Send a personal framed copy to all the adults on Valentine’s Day. 

Family house makeover

If you and your siblings have moved out of your parent’s home, that place becomes your family house. Surprise your parents and siblings by giving the house a proper makeover that’ll make it a cute spot for when y’all are around. 

Or a land to build one

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide

Especially if your parents stay in a rented apartment. Join hands with your siblings and make it the family project that tightens the bond between y’all. 

Personalised gift box

Imagine the joy you’ll spark in each of your family members when a dispatch rider calls them on Valentine’s Day to deliver the special box from you. You can go the extra mile by including a handwritten note in each box.

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