Over the weekend, I asked my female friends who live alone the most difficult part for them.

Here’s what they had to say:


“I have the compulsive feeling that I am being watched. And I live in a three-storey building. So, when I am doing anything, I feel like someone is watching me. It’s worse when I want to have my bath. I don’t expect it to be a woman watching me, always a man.”


“I am scared of being naked in my house even when it’s hot. My biggest fear is that someone will come in and invade my privacy. Like an armed robber will come in, rape me and kill me. At least if I wear clothes, I can reduce those chances.”


“I have to wear a ring anytime I invite an artisan to my house. So that at least, he thinks there is a man in the house and I am not vulnerable.”


“I have one of my male friends who comes to sleepover at intervals and poses as my husband. This is to deter male neighbours from trying nonsense or having any ideas. So, I always tell them that even though my “husband” travels a lot, he can come back anytime. This has been effective so far.”


“My brother’s name is on the invoice of the house rent that I pay with my money. He’s also my husband since we have similar surname. I had to do this because someone said the landlord uses his spare key to “check” up on female tenants that live alone. Me I don’t like trouble for my life so my brother has become my “husband” on paper.”

Take a break from this cruel world and get lost below:


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