They lied; it’s not the thought that count. Because the only thing you can think about giving your coworkers is a knock on the head or amnesia so they can stop giving you work. 

But in the spirit of spreading love (and because you were forced to participate in secret Santa), here are some gifts you can get without breaking the bank: 


When in doubt, the answer is wine. If you’re unsure of what your coworker likes, just play it safe and get them wine. You can spend as low as ₦2,500 on Baron Romero and as much as ₦4k on Agor. Even if they don’t drink it because they’re too bougie for cheap wine, they’ll serve it to their guests. 

Source: My Liquor Hub Website

A picture of yourself 

Printed, not soft copy. Give them something to remember you with for the long two weeks apart. This is only suitable for work besties and work spouses. We’re not sure how much they charge for hardcopy photographs anymore, but we suggest you hold atleast ₦1500. 

Scented candles

Since everyone and their family members have become minimalists, they’d definitely appreciate a scented candle. You could get one for ₦5k – 7k and invest ₦1k into packaging it nicely. 

Source: Rekoja| Online candle store

A partner 

What gift could be greater than finding love before the year runs out? And if they already have a partner, add an extra one. There’s nothing like too much love.


First off, getting someone perfume doesn’t imply they have body odour. Same way you don’t gift candles because you think someone’s house smells, right? You’d be surprised how affordable ouds are depending on size and where you’re getting it from. So you could either go to the market or buy on Instagram. Just make sure to hold ₦5k – 9k for quality fragrances.

Source: Jumia

Your body

Because it’s free, and it’s a gift you’d both enjoy. Just send them the address of the genital meet and greet. Remember, it’s about them, so you’ll have to do most of the work. 

A journal 

The perfect place for them to write down all the 2023 resolutions they’ll ignore after January. You should be able to get a nice one for ₦4k, maybe ₦5k if you prefer to shop online.

A “cute” note

If you’re broke and can’t be bothered to spend money on a coworker you loathe, you can just gift them a letter — the content is entirely up to you. You could be the bigger person and pray for them, or just be petty and attach your account balance with a list of things you’d rather spend your money on.

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