The 5 Major Stages of a Nigerian Relationship

April 17, 2020

Apparently there is a method to Nigerian relationships. We noticed it like we notice everything and we made a list to share this discovery with you.

Meet the 5 major stages of Nigerian relationships;

1. The honeymoon phase.

zikoko- Nigerian Relationship

This is when you both just started dating and you still can’t get enough of each other. You talk all day and video call all night while still texting each other in between. You spend 2 hours apart and it’s all “I missed you” when you see again (*insert eye roll plix*). This is basically the time and part where you just annoy everybody.

2. The cute social media announcement.

zikoko- Nigerian Relationship

Then comes the cute social media update. You finally found love and you must let your virtual friends and followers know because why? Because pepperdem! Plus in the guide to being a millennial a social media announcement is an important relationship level to unlock. Plus you also want to let your ex know you’ve moved on- pepperdem.

3. The first fight.

And then comes the first big fight. And sometimes an ex even makes a cameo appearance to make things more complicated. The opening statement is usually “Who is she?”. This is also usually when the first red flag comes up but the bliss of the honeymoon phase will not let you see road. If you look well enough (as you should be doing) you would see that this fight tells you a lot about your partner too. Like where are all these insults coming from? I thought you said I was perfect.

4. Then shit gets real.

At this point romance gives way to reality. Shit gets real and the reality of the heavy weight commitment that a relationship demands comes into play. For some people the weight becomes too much and they cave in to it. Thus bringing an abrupt end to the forever they promised each other.

5. The comes the Bloom.

This is when the relationship survives all the initial gragra and grows into something you are both now comfortable and happy with. When it becomes less about the sex and more about the time you spend with each other. And even more importantly- you both now know each other. This is where the real relationship starts.

Do you think we skipped a stage? Drop it in the comment section.

Meanwhile, if you want to know why you are still single this ingenious quiz will tell you why. You’re welcome.

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