Everything That Happens When Your Friend Gets A New Girlfriend

December 9, 2019

Things change when your friend gets a girlfriend, especially if you live together. It won’t matter so much if you are in a relationship yourself, but since you are still in the legion of ‘God When’, you are affected by almost everything that happens from the moment the girl is a part of your friend’s life.

This is a list of some of the things that happen:

When they have no desire to hang out on Friday nights anymore

I Am Lost Wtf GIF by Bounce

Wait, when did this one start?

How you wait as they check in with their girlfriend before they agree to do anything 

How does that saying go again; brothers before sisters? What a betrayal!

When you start to see all her stuff in the bathroom

Hey, someone has to move out and it ain’t gonna be me.

When you have to leave the house for them all the time

Advice What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger GIF by A24

You’re killing me, guy.

And the girl asks you if you’re leaving because of them

Scared Look Around GIF by Fuse

Nah, she is definitely not talking to me.

When your friend kisses his girl every time he scores against you on FIFA

God, why do you like to forsake me?

When they invite you to join them on one of their outings

And do what exactly? Take perfect pictures of you?

When your friend’s girlfriend makes a joke out of something you told your friend in confidence

the wire wow GIF

Oh, we are spilling our secrets now.

You, When you eventually hear that they’ve broken up

Eddie Murphy Yes GIF by NETFLIX

Thank you, God. Welcome back bro. Can we go back to that strip club life now?

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