Whether you own a Netflix account strictly for Netflix and chill or you are squatting in someone’s account because you don’t want to pay for it. Here are 8 Nigerian movies you should watch on Netflix instead of watching Suits again.


With Dakore Akande, Ireti Doyle and Nse Ikpe-Etim on the cast you already know this movie is going to be amazing. Fifty follows the surprisingly entertaining lives of four women about to turn 50 over the course of a week.

The Wedding Party

Yes, we know you already watched The Wedding Party, maybe even two or three times but what’s the point of having a Netflix account if you don’t take the opportunity to watch it again. You already know it’s worth your time.

Mummy Dearest

Mummy Dearest is the perfect tearjerker for you to watch home alone on a rainy Friday night. Veteran actress – Liz Benson gives a stellar performance in her role as a dedicated mother trying to connect with her kids. It’s not like you expected anything less from her.

When Love Happens

Looking for a feel-good romantic movie to get you all up in your feels? Or to remind you that you are a singu pringu looking for bae? When Love Happens is perfect for that.

Invasion 1897

Imagine getting a history lesson while cuddled up in bed with bae or well your pillow, Invasion 1897 gives you a bit of drama and a trip down history lane to 1897. Which was when British Colonial forces tried to depose the ruler of Benin Kingdom.

Taxi Driver (Oko Ashewo)

Legendary and actor and Nigeria’s meme king – Odunlade is in this one. Do you even need to know any more about it before adding it to your list?

The Duplex

Finally, a Nollywood horror movie where the ghosts are not wearing white cloth with dusting powder on their faces.

Road to Yesterday

If Genevieve Nnaji’s performance in Road to Yesterday doesn’t make you shed at least a tear or two then we owe you one beer.

Lunch Time Heroes

Lunch Time Heroes has the perfect combination of humor and drama that makes a really good feel-good movie.

The Visit

Nse-Ikpe-Etim makes another appearance on this list and shows us why she has been nominated for so many AMCVAs with her performance in The Visit. What Nollywood movie would you love to add to your Netflix list so you can watch over and over again?


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