There seems to be something triggering about getting calls out of the blue. What transpires in the few seconds between seeing the call and deciding to pick up or not will no longer be a secret.

Here are 9 of the most common things people say before you hear “hello”. You might have said some of them yourself.

1. “Who be this?”

This can happen in two scenarios: when they are far from their phone or if you call with a number they’re not familiar with.

2. “Why is this one calling me?”

You’re probably toasting this person, and it’s obvious they’re not interested, but you have coconut head.

3. “Ooooh God!”

It’s not clear what God has to do with it, but you’re disturbing their peace of mind.

4. “Ehen speak of the Devil”

They were just talking about you, and boom! Your call comes in. No be juju be that?

5. “God abeg”

Anytime they get a call from you, it’s probably one wahala or the other. So they have to beg God for intervention and hope it’s not billing this time.

6. “Not today”

If it’s you the Devil wants to use to frustrate their life, then be gone.

7. “Not again”

This is the sibling of “Not today” and is usually accompanied by stamping of feet or squeezing of the face. Maybe they have finally decided to pick your calls, but you keep coming up with something new to say. You sef, do better.

8. “Audhubillahi!”

Your call is so unwanted that they have to rebuke you and seek refuge from Allah.

9. They wait it out

If they have a ringtone like Wizkid’s “Essence“, then forget it. They’ll groove till your call ends. Besides, your call might be interrupting their internet connection.


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