Read This Before You Move Out Of Your Parents’ House

November 30, 2018
So you think you are grown now. Your parents’ 10 pm curfew has gotten on your last nerve and you are tired of still being woken up at 5 am in the morning for devotion at your big age. I mean you are a graduate, you have a job and you are not 18 anymore you really don’t have to deal with this you are just going to move out. My brother, my sister I’m here to tell you it’s easier said than done.

First of all look at your account balance. Now look up the average cost of rent in the state you live. Now look at your account balance again.

Do you think you are ready?

And it’s not as if you’ll just pay rent and move in you’ll still pay for agency fees, agreement, commission, legal etc. In fact by the time you are done you’ll be paying double of what you thought.

Some wicked landlords will even ask you for rent for 1 and a half years.

Do you still want to get the apartment? You think your pocket can handle it? Ok o keep reading.

Then this rent we are talking about, shey you know it’s not as if you’ll pay just once and forget about it.

You are going to be paying year after year until further notice. After your first year your landlord can even vex and increase the rent. Have you really reasoned that?

Do you know what the price of mattress is in the market? Like have you ever sat down to just check the cost of just mattress o.

Before we even start talking about things like furniture, fan, fridge, AC, all of that.

Ever notice how things like LAWMA and NEPA bill used to get magically paid at your parents? You won’t even see the bills you’ll just be seeing receipts.

That gbese will be on your head now. Shey you know? You’ve thought about this too?

You know how you’ll go out with your mum and you’ll want to stop at somewhere like Mr. Biggs and she’ll tell you there’s rice at home.

Did you know that even that rice is cost. No seriously, just look at the price of a bag of rice.

And it’s just not rice that’s expensive all those things you used to eat anyhow-cornflakes, milk, bread. After you finished Uni you even started putting two pieces of meat on your rice.

By the time you move out and peep the price of chicken in the market, you’ll start wondering if you really need to eat meat everyday.

Before you continue reading this just take a second and ask yourself why are you even moving out?

So that you can be coming and going as you please? Be independent? Is that really worth the gbese you are about to enter? When you can sit down in your parents house and be doing strong head about your curfew.

You know how you always complain about the chores you have to do at home.

Shebi at least you weren’t the only one doing it? Your siblings will help. Once you move out you’ll be the only one doing everything. There’s no one to help you. No younger sibling to bully into helping you out.

The first month you move out, excitement will make you spend whatever change you didn’t spend on your apartment on rocks.

By the time your account is empty and you are drinking garri, you’ll wish you had someone to be asking you where are you going to when you leave your house.

Now that you are done reading this do you still want to get that apartment?

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