“Life is short, call your ex”

You only live once, but you can always mess up many times.

“There’s rice at home, but we both know you don’t want to eat rice. Go and buy food.”

Follow your stomach and your pocket will follow suit


“Don’t be the patient dog. Hunger will finish you.”

The patient dog doesn’t get the fattest bone. In fact, the patient dog gets nothing. We shouldn’t even need to spell this one out. 

“Your next of kin won’t rate your struggle. Spend that money”

Your next of kin will probably be at South flexing your money if anything happens to you.  Better spend your money now.

“You better to save, it’s that same money that’ll save you”

We said you should spend all your money, but you should save too sha. The economy might be too bad to save anything, but we believe in you.  Those savings might ultimately be your saviour. 

“Life isn’t so hard. You’re the one who wants to blow”

Ever wondered how stress-free your life would be if you weren’t trying to make it by force?

“Don’t take nonsense from anybody, including your employer”

You might lose your job, but that doesn’t matter because bad energy must stay far away.

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