So you’ve decided to give dating apps a try; created your profile, added a bio and uploaded a flattering picture. Great. Maybe you can finally meet the love of your life after all.

Or not, depending on how great your conversation game is.

The koko is that if you don’t want to be unfortunate and get blocked faster than you can say “Ah”, then avoid these opening lines. They’re the ABSOLUTE WORST.

1. “Wyd?”

You couldn’t even bother to type in full. Haba. Please and please, you should only be sending this if you’re Bruno Mars.

2. “Hi, hey, hello, hai”

This is the laziest attempt ever. What is the person supposed to do with those?

3. “Can I know you?”

Just block yourself, because what is this? If e easy do am.

4. Anything that starts with “Am”

If the opening line starts with “Am”, forget you even matched.

5. “How are you?”

And all its variations. Except you want to go on a boring how-are-you-fine cycle, erase this question from your options.

6. “Wassup” or “Waxup”

Omo, the sky. Out of the hundred things you could start with, you choose this?

7. Emojis

Talk to the person direct, don’t go through emojis. Mind you, sending a smiley as your first message is outright creepy.

8. “Hi beautiful”

Later you’ll be wondering why you got aired. Dead the idea of “Hi dear” too. Both of them suck.

9. “Are you a lightbulb because I want to turn you on”

Okay, this is just a cheesy line no one will fall for. Try harder.

10. “Follow me on social media”

Why this? Don’t you know where they sell Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat followers?

11. “Sweet girl”

It’s you that’s bitter? This gives serious creepy uncle vibes.

12. “Where are you chatting from?”

The top of a tree. You’re just prying unnecessarily. If the convo kicks off, best believe they’d tell you eventually. Be calming down.

13. “Nice dp”

You probably repeat that to everyone you DM. Maybe, up your game?

14. “You look familiar”

Yes, because you’ve seen them like…NEVER. Even if you have seen them somewhere before, ehen? Tch.

15. “Can we meet up”

Come oh, before you type this as an opening line to someone you clearly do not know, dead the idea.

16. “I like you”

You don’t say. Blockedt.



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